Croc Tyres is excited to announce the release of another Airless heavy vehicle tyre to the market – the 350-510-900Mk1 (14-20-35 MK1) which is equivalent to the pneumatic tyre size 355-55 D 625.

Airless tyres improve machine productivity, have superior durability and higher ROI, making them the best choice for a range of heavy-load vehicles. The proprietary technology behind Crocodile tyres continues to be a game changer and offers a real solution to many issues facing workers within the Mining industry.

Our new tyre is perfect for use with EWP’s (Elevated Work Platforms) Boom lifts, Underground Personal Carriers, Underground Drilling Rig, Loaders and more.

Crocodile Tyres give a superior ride comfort with increased safety whilst eliminating downtime due to tyre damage.