How do our customers find us? Afri-Tech has over the years built relationships with many of our clients, however people move around within the industry. A client that you service in South Africa may move to another mining company based in Zambia, Australia or Russia. South African mining and mining process professionals are highly sought after in global mining operations. This said these clients already know who we are and what services and products we offer.

What about the people who move from an Australian mining company to a company based in Russia? The default reaction is to look on the internet, a global telephone directory if you will. If your information is not listed people cannot find you.

Afri-Tech is proud to launch our new look website this April 2019. Making it easier for potential clients to view what we do and how to contact us. Mobile-friendly for people who are remote and only have access to a mobile phone or tablet, an uncomplicated, user-friendly website that gets straight to the point.

Visit for the global supply of screens and filter cloth in wet screening applications. Take a look at our news articles and accolades. Browse our spares section for the unique and award-winning Power Nozzle or maybe you are looking for quality rubber lined rollers. If it is not listed, make an enquiry by filling in the contact form and an experienced representative will contact you.

Afri-Tech, a premier supplier of screen and filter cloth for Linear Screens, Vacuum Belt Filters and Belt Presses.