McElroy, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of pipe fusion equipment, on Wednesday hosted a ribbon cutting to commemorate the opening of the McElroy Museum.

Located in the company’s new, 193,000-square-foot Tulsa metro campus, the McElroy Museum details the 70-plus-year history of the company, from its founding in 1954 to its latest cutting-edge products.

The museum is made up of a series of vignettes, each one showcasing a milestone in McElroy’s history. This includes the first products designed by founder Art McElroy, the company’s foray into fintube and butt fusion equipment, and the evolution of its digital and equipment offerings.

Other vignettes show different marketing collateral and promotional items from decades past, such as vintage shirts and hats.

“What you see here is a testament to the legacy of McElroy’s commitment to quality and the relationships we’ve cultivated throughout our history,” said McElroy President and CEO Chip McElroy. “We can’t wait to share this experience with our channel partners, , customers, and others who visit this campus.”

A walkway guides visitors through the exhibits, beginning with McElroy ’s founding in 1954 and culminating with the advent of the TracStar® and machines for the polypropylene market. In the middle of the space, a nook with seating showcases some of the different educational and promotional videos produced by the company over the years.

McElroy ’s in-house creative team handled all aspects of the museum’s design and execution, from the layout and flow of exhibits to choosing which elements to incorporate. The museum’s design allows exhibits to be rotated or updated as needed, giving guests a unique experience each time they visit.

In addition to curating the wide array of historical photos, documents, and items from the company ’s history, the creative team also was tasked with creating an archival system that will ensure safe storage for each exhibit both on and off-display.

“It’s been an enormous undertaking, but our team rose to the challenge and created something that we’re all proud of,” said Creative Services Manager Corey George. “We’re excited to see others get to experience the museum now that it’s complete.”

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