Many companies hold on to their water hydraulic systems for various reasons. A modernisation is for companies in most cases a reasonable and cost-efficient solution, in order to bring the production to the latest technological standard. With modern high-pressure pumping and valve technology and comprehensive system engineering, decade-old systems are safer, more productive and more maintenance-friendly after a modernisation.

Hauhinco offers turnkey water hydraulic system solutions from a single source for all kinds of water hydraulic modernisation projects. The core competence is in the development of customer-specific systems and solutions with own high-pressure pumping and valve technologies. With this approach, customised solutions for new and existing systems are being developed. Especially for modernisation projects for water hydraulics drives and hydraulic press controls a few things have to be considered and tasks have to be solved.

Each modernisation project begins with a dimensional measurement of the existing system. All existing controls are measured, all relevant metrics are taken, existing components are identified and especially the existing pipe routing is investigated.

The piping is of significant importance in order to hold existing connections and thus to minimize changes. During the measurement process not only measuring tape is used, but also laser measuring units and for bigger and complex projects also 3D-laser scans of the entire production location are made. With the help of the measurements, the system engineering can be started. To do so, all hydraulic components and functions of the respective hydraulic controls are designed and documented. With a modern CAD software, the entire system consisting of the hydraulic controls and the piping is designed in 3D. The output is a detailed 3D model with all information on the modernised system.

This model is also for the planning of the installation and the commissioning of the entire system. In this step, the dedicated project leader and Service technicians work together with piping constructors and electronic engineers. Usually, maintenance employees from the customer on site are also included in this process. These comprehensive services are offered by Hauhinco from a single source and are very often carried out as a general contractor. The commissioning thus includes the entire mechanical installation, the cold start-up of the system, as well as the final adjustment and handover of the modernised system as part of the production supervision.