The new generation STORMAJOR® from SAMSON Materials Handling can help port operators reduce uncertainty and risk on a daily basis by providing a reliable yet mobile loading facility, available with a selection of extra features tailored to the specifics of each operation.

The culmination of years of development, STORMAJOR® brings versatility and reliability to busy ports, stockyards and goods depots. The new streamlined design provides excellent handling across a range of materials.

There are three types of STORMAJOR® currently available:

STORMAJOR® 380 Series

For materials with a bulk density ≤1t/m³, such as cereals, fertiliser or alternative fuels

STORMAJOR® 450 Series

For materials with bulk densities from 0.9t/m³ to 1.6t/m³, such as additives, light minerals or fertiliser

STORMAJOR® 800 Series for materials with bulk densities from 1.5t/m³ to 2.1t/m³, such as heavier minerals or ores, sand and gravel. Specifications for STORMAJOR® units beyond the 800 Series are available upon request.

There are a variety of features and benefits that firmly place this new generation STORMAJOR® in a league of its own for receiving, loading and stockpiling dry bulk materials:

• The STORMAJOR® receives from trucks and front-end loaders and then transfers the product directly to the vessel. It is comprised of an integrated reception hopper and outloading boom, which eliminates double handling of materials that can result in material degradation.

• Conveying dry bulk materials quickly and effectively requires a direct transfer path for the material in order to reduce blockage risk and material loss. In this new design, the material falls straight from the feeder discharge to the boom feeding point. This limits the material contact with the chute and positions the product optimally on the outloading boom

• The outloading boom is located directly beneath the pivot point. As material passes through the machine, this new design protects it from material ingress

• The main transfer chute to the boom is separate from the reception feeder. This means that bulk materials with particularly poor flow properties can be actively shaken to make the process more efficient

• The power pack is located for easy access and maintenance

• The STORMAJOR® is available with a choice of travel options. The wheeled option is tow travel manoeuvred, while the track-mounted version can be propelled under its own power. The larger tracked option is also fitted with stiffened steelwork, wider tracks and out-rigger support wheels travel to allow it to travel even with 75% material load.

• The STORMAJOR® can receive from trucks and front-end loaders directly without any special fittings. The wide universal entry hopper permits rapid material reception and acts as a buffer facility to allow for quick vehicle turnaround and therefore more efficient vessel loading.

• The outloading boom can be used for loading as well as stockpiling. It has a slewing range of +/- 40° and an operational luffing range of up to 25°, providing greater precision in loading and stockpiling. Standard booms are available up to 24m, allowing for stockpile heights of up to 10.5m.

SAMSON has been providing mobile dry bulk materials handling equipment for more than 50 years across a variety of industries and sectors. SAMSON Materials Handling is part of the AUMUND Group with offices and service support worldwide.