With the focus on fully-electric vehicles on sites, it’s still important to remember how much electrical equipment is powered on today’s mining vehicles.

Mining vehicles in most mines still rely heavily on electrical power and have many electric components that need energy to increase their performance.

The conventional electrical sources are essential: from lights to starter engines, climate control and two-way communications; there are over 100 different electrical components in a mining vehicle that require a constant and stable source of power.

However, technological developments and advancements that are commonplace in the successful operation of a modern mine are also driven by a commercial battery. Many of these technologies are taken for granted but are critical features for the day-to-day operation of these expensive, and potentially hazardous, vehicles.

Developments such as GPS, radar and laser sensors have been incorporated into many vehicles to help the trucks make their way around the mine site while avoiding obstacles. These innovative features all require a powerful battery to operate:

  • ABS brakes and Traction Control
  • Sleep Deterrent System
  • Collision Avoidance System
  • Cameras (reverse, mirror, forward and roof-mounted cameras)
  • Dual Range & Velocity Radars
  • Lighting
  • Ergonomics and HVAC system

The VARTA® Promotive EFB is designed for heavy commercial vehicles. It is made for high-energy demands while coping with overnight stays in vehicles with standard hoteling functions or high electrical load applications. This makes it the right choice for Total Cost of Ownership savings:

  • Three times the cycle life compared to conventional batteries
  • For hoteling functions and constant usage demands
  • Designed for end of frame installation (EURO 5/6) due to highest vibration resistance

As well as requiring a battery to power these electrical components, mining vehicles need to work at their best in the harsh condition and unusual environments. They need a battery with maximum starting power, combined with extreme vibration resistance and spill protection.

With VARTA Promotive batteries, you can ensure your vehicles continue to operate and avoid periods of disuse to keep your mining business going.