The safety of a mines recovery system is paramount, whether dealing with longwall recovery rooms, high walls or ribs. The required support system must be able to fulfil the safety and stability requirements.

Services for miners, by miners

Professional and close collaboration from conceptional design to after installation audit for faster and safer recoveries.

HUESKER performs detailed evaluations and analysis of underground geotechnical coal seam and mining conditions, which are incorporated into every recovery system supplied

Pre–longwall move and pre-system install risk assessment assistance and procedural documentation: action assignment, compliance adherent, realistic action timeframe agreement, document reviewal assistance.

After the system installation/longwall move, we do an operational audit to ensure that everything that was done during the move/install was done properly: Photo evidence, LW Face & installation positioning, design drawings audit, accessories compatibility to PRS and design product improvement.

If the team found there is anything that can be done better with the next move/install, we work together on the preparation of the mine specific operational move/install methodologies and procedural documentation.

HUESKER pioneered the system in 1993 and we are the market leader with over 1,200 successfully supplied and executed relocations globally. Benefit from our experience and feel free to ask us your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.