Bending and folding metal can be very challenging. Especially when you take into consideration mass production that requires precise, consistent quality that’s completed efficiently.

At New Touch Industries (NTI), we tackle these challenges with our Trumpf TruBend Pressbrakes.

These machines don’t just enable us to produce work that meets expectations but allows us to perform at a higher standard that we make our benchmark.

Below are some of the features that explain how we achieve this.

  • ACB Systems: Wireless and Laser

Automatically Controlled Bending (ACB) has sensors that record the required angle and springback, as well as controlling the press beam so the desired angle is bent correctly.

This is most effective during mass production making sure all the parts are consistent and accurate.

  • TruBend Software

Trumpf’s TruBend Software helps with measuring and simulations that assist with accuracy and speed. This takes away the guesswork of juggling measurements and positioning for each bend and helps identify any issues at the programming stage prior to production.

  • Universal bending

The open machine design and segmented tooling allows for multiple stations and minimal setup times on the most complex parts. This works in unison with our laser cutting service for more sophisticated parts that require intricate bending within the part.

Our TruBend 5170 Pressbrake can bend parts up to 3,000mm, with a 170tn capacity. This allows for parts big and small to be bent and folded carefully and accurately for a quality finished product.

Reach out to us today to see how we can meet your bending and folding requirements.