McElroy, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of thermoplastic fusion equipment, has launched a website dedicated to the Australian distributors and customers at

“Australia has been a large international market for McElroy for some time,” said McElroy CEO and President Chip McElroy. “We saw the need for a localized site that would allow our partners to quickly access resources tailored to their geographical location.”

Since 1993, McElroy has served customers in Australia through partnerships with leading local distributors. McElroy works closely with distributors, contractors, and end users to promote the use of high-pressure welding standards, data loggers, and other practices that lead to faster, safer, and higher-quality fusion results. McElroy equipment is a staple of many industries in Australia, including mining, water infrastructure, and coal bed methane gas extraction.

“It’s an exciting time to be involved in industry and infrastructure in Australia,” McElroy said. “We’re especially happy to be able to provide another level of service for distributors and end users that allows them to further boost their efficiency and productivity.”

On this new site, users can find information about McElroy’s partner distributors in Australia, including distributors offering Certified McElroy Rental machines. To join McElroy’s distributor network, companies must demonstrate a commitment to providing the same level of service and support that has been a cornerstone of McElroy since its inception. Distributors understand McElroy equipment and the fusion process and are trained to provide service and support.

For that reason, customers who work with McElroy’s partner distributors can expect the highest level of technical expertise, along with a thorough understanding of how McElroy’s poly welding equipment is best for the job or jobs at hand.

Through, users can also directly contact staff at McElroy’s Australian location, streamlining the process for purchasing, leasing, or repairing McElroy equipment. In addition, the site offers a way for users to quickly find available poly welding courses, training, and certification opportunities in Australia.