Optimise loadout, track productivity and prevent overloading with LOADRITE Excavator scales. The Trimble LOADRITE X2350 is an excavator productivity weighing system that helps optimise mass-haul and other loading operations, through payload tracking and real-time material movement visibility. With LOADRITE Excavator scales, your operators are more confident and empowered to excel in their loading performance.

Tracking material movement helps prevent lost productivity before it starts costing your business money


Optimizing loadout & truckloads

  • Accurate payload weights, bucket by bucket payload and ensure trucks are loaded accurately before your truck scale

Improve profits

    • Avoid double handling of material, load right the first time
    • Avoid overload fines, load trucks to the maximum capacity
    • Reduce haulage costs, never under load trucks again
    • Maximize tons per litre (gallon) and minimize fuel usage of excavators and trucks
    • Reduce machine down-time by optimizing load quota

Increase productivity

  • Load consistently to maximize tons moved per day
    • Sell more product without adding equipment or personnel
    • Reduce cycle times; prevent truck turnarounds at the truck scale
  • Process Improvement
  • Track and monitor loading of trucks and tons moved
  • Track excavator and operator efficiency
  • Monitor inventory and stock levels
  • Prevent excessive machine stress with scheduled preventative maintenance times
  • Maximize machinery utilization by identifying unused capacity

Real people, real results

Delta Group operates one of the largest rental fleets of specialized plant and equipment in Australia, we began visiting Delta from mid-2018 and since evolved a bound relationship to this day.  We have installed over 15 LOADRITE X2350 Excavator scales to various machine makes in numerus of their Victorian sites. Numerous machines have also been connected to InsightHQ- Loadrite’s cloud-based software. InsightHQ allows them to view performance in real time, live progress reports direct from their smart phone or PC. Reporting provides totals for each customer, product and machine. Delta can also respond to issues, optimize productivity and availability.