The new design Invader has just been released into the market marking a new departure for our 50W lamp.  The previous model used 10W LEDs and was in a traditional housing.  To overcome the limitations this provided Ultra Vision has gone back to the drawing board for everything – housing, lens, PC Board and bracket.  The result is a more powerful, more compact lamp that can withstand anything thrown against it.

Key design features, which will make it tougher and more resilient than its predecessor, are:

5W LED chips replacing 10W chips

  • Less heat build-up, very important when lamps operate in dirty conditions

Integral breather valve

  • Allows pressure in lamp to quickly stabilise when going from hot to cold, eliminating condensation issues

More lens fixing points

  • Increases waterproofing due to more secure seal

Smaller footprint

  • More compact but with higher light output

The units are covered by a no-quibble five-year warranty.  This means that unless the lamp has been physically abused, then any failure is covered by the warranty.

In addition to the Invader, Ultra Vision manufactures a wide range of Mine Lighting products from 5W to 500W in both AC and DC.

Visit our website or give us a call today on 03 50322106 to discuss running a trial, or email  With a broad range of distributors, we can work through your preferred partner or give you a list of our distributors who have relevant vendor numbers to prevent you having to set up new accounts.