West River Conveyors recently launched a full range of engineered underground and above ground conveyor structure to meet the demands of today’s mining operations. We cover everything from custom-design to turnkey conveyor solutions. Providing conveyors to the mining industry for more than 35 years, West River understands that each application is unique and requires specialized products to fulfill those needs.

Rigid Rail Structure

West River’s rigid rail structure (available in both floor and roof mount designs) can be custom built in a variety of sizes and angles. Components are fitted to a heavy-duty structural steel frame, powder-coated to increase longevity and improve corrosion resistance.  Mine-duty idlers are attached to the frame using bolts, clamps or pin and cuff components.  West River’s rigid rail structure is available from 36in up to 72in belt widths. Depending on speed and tonnage requirements, there are choices for CEMA B through CEMA E+ arrangements. Rigid rail is available in single beam or box frame design and is known for it’s quick and straightforward onsite installation.

Wire Rope Structure

West River’s wire rope troughing idlers and returns are designed to be mounted to wire rope in place of channel steel frames using clamps. It’s portable and easy to install. West River replaces existing components for this type of structure per request.

Catenary Structure

West River’s line of catenary structure is more robust than its wire rope alternative. Idlers are hooked into saddle brackets that are welded or bolted onto stringer pipe (rather than wire rope) and the rest secured into the bracket itself to prevent movement. Like rigid rail, catenary structure is available in both floor and roof mount designs. This type of structure is ideal for those who seek an affordable, sound alternative to rigid rail but need the convenience of portability and easy installation.

West River has teamed up with Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI) bring world-class idlers that set the industry standard. All PPI idlers are designed and manufactured for a long, trouble and maintenance-free life with no greasing and high-quality sealed ball bearings.  PPI idlers are suited for the most demanding applications and conform to CEMA standards that meet or exceed load ratings. Combining PPI’s innovative and reliable idler design with West River’s experience in the mining conveyor market, West River offers a solution that can handle the most rugged underground environments.

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