Kübler Spedition use XBEE diesel in their thirty heavy duty trucks to reduce fuel consumption.

Kübler Spedition is a German transport company, with ample capacity to transport all types of cargo. The company has specialized machinery and is also able to ship to difficult locations, taking advantage of all the technical possibilities available on the market.

Kübler Spedition uses XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology in its entire ground transportation fleet since mid-2017. The experience with XBEE has enabled it to achieve a significant reduction in diesel fuel consumption.

The company operates approximately thirty trucks for heavy and extremely heavy road haulage, and in long-distance transport operations. Using XBEE technology, they have been able to reduce diesel oil consumption by up to 10 litres per 100 km; which represents savings up to 9%.

In addition to the successful internal evaluation with XBEE, it was important for the transport company Kübler to carry out another test, on a bench. A MAN TGX18.480 was selected and submitted to a performance and consumption test before treatment. After several months using XBEE fuel, a second test was performed to compare the specific fuel oil consumption (SFOC) in g/kWh.

Regular Diesel:

The initial measurement took place on April 13, 2017, giving a SFOC record over the entire speed range at 231 g/kWh.

XBEE Diesel:

The final measurement took place on November 30, 2017, with an average SFOC at 216 g/kWh recorded over seven different loads.

Final result shows a 6% reduction of the fuel consumption thanks to the XBEE enzymes. On the other hand, this complies with the reduction of CO2 by 6%. The investment in the environmental friendly technology costs as little as 0.7%. However, the trucks reduce their energy footprint within a few weeks only. Moreover, engines stay clean and their shelf life is increased.

As a conclusion, Kübler Spedition reduced its Diesel cost by a net 5.3%, and preserved the environment by reducing its exhaust emissions.