Vitrephos 560 Zinc Phosphate Epoxy Primer is a premium-grade zinc phosphate epoxy primer ideal for any industrial and vehicle body application

Vitrephos 560 is also an Isocyanate free coating, meaning there are no traces of harmful Isocyanates found in the paint.

Since its development in 2013, Vitrephos 560 has continued to go from strength to strength with its foothold in the manufacturing and mining industry getting stronger each year.

Vitrephos 560 has contains a premium grade of zinc phosphate increasing its performance and resistance to corrosive elements.

Feedback from industry users say the 560 primer range has excellent wet-on-wet properties with ease of sanding, exceptional drying properties in cold weather, and good film builds which have seen a significant reduction in the number of hours required to complete works.  Vitrephos 560 primer also enhances the topcoat.  Due to the smoothness of the primer, there is very little shrinkage seen in the topcoat leave an incredibly smooth finish with a mirror-like reflection.

Vitrephos 560 also has excellent filling properties when applied to a blasted profile.   The primer covers the blast profile well which helps with the excellent finishes achieved in the topcoat.

Vitrephos 560 Primer continues to meet industry demands and requirements across the manufacturing and OEM sector, speeding up throughput times and reducing waste in some instances by up to 20%.