DB Netz AG, as the rail infrastructure company of the Deutsche Bahn AG, is also responsible for the corresponding rail terminals. The Deutsche Bahn terminals are operated by Deutsche Umschlaggesellschaft Schiene – Straße (DUSS) mbH. DUSS is Germany’s major inland terminal operator for intermodal traffic from rail to road.

Already 15 Künz Intermodal Cranes are in use for the rail to road handling at the DB Netz AG terminals. With the order of another four Gantry Cranes for the Terminal München Riem the number of Künz Cranes for Deutsche Bahn grows. Each two equal cranes will be assembled on two crane ways until October 2018 and 2019.

Technical Data

  • Capacity: 41t
  • Track width: 28.3m
  • Lifting height: 12.5m
  • Cantilever cranes module 1: 3.7m / 10.7m
  • Cantilever cranes module 2: 8.8m / 7.6m