KAM Mining Products is proud to announce their commitment to driving innovation in the mining industry with their new track tensioning technology. Located in Toowoomba QLD Australia, the company is developing products to help meet the evolving needs of the mining industry in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

KAM’s track tensioning technology improves the accuracy and speed of clay tensioning systems by up to 20%. The innovative product uses advanced digital engineering and features a set of freely rotating gear cars with precisely placed rollers. This allows the tensioning systems to operate at a consistent speed and accuracy, which reduces the amount of maintenance and wear on the system.

In addition to providing a highly accurate and reliable product, KAM has also developed a unique method for calibration and adjustment. The company uses their customised remote service technology to ensure accuracy and reduce downtime on the tensioning systems. This allows miners to quickly adjust the tension settings without physically working on the machine.

In a time of increased cost and complexity in the mining industry, KAM Mining Products is proud to bring their commitment to innovation and efficiency to the table. Their new products are designed for maximum productivity and cost savings.

KAM Mining Products has been a leader in the mining industry since its inception and is excited to continue their tradition of providing advanced technology and equipment solutions to the industry. With the track tensioning technology, the company is honing its focus on providing products with the highest level of precision and reliability possible.

The company is confident that its latest innovation will provide mining sites with improved equipment performance, reduced downtime, and cost savings. KAM Mining Products is continually striving for new and better solutions for meeting the current and future needs of miners around the world.

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