Performance of a material transfer unit partially depends on the ability to learn the best practices for industrial vacuum operation. IVAC has a stellar safety record operating in the field and the equipment we manufacture must adhere to that standard. The core group of engineers who started IVAC came from the underground mining industry where following proper safety processes is a serious matter. Our industrial vacuum systems were designed to produce high transfer rates while keeping the operator and worksite safe.

IVAC industrial vacuum units are maintenance free and able to perform multiple functions. The long working lifespan and versatility of our products ensures usability for the primary purchaser and or a secondary user. IVAC encourages turn-key style business and the use of our machines for supplemental purposes. There are a few points to keep in mind when renting out the unit or setting it up for a different material application.

Basic Guidelines for Industrial Vacuum Operation

IVAC equipment is shipped with an owner’s manual and various resource material. This material can be found inside the unit toolbox upon system delivery. Reading the Operator’s Manual will familiarize you with common terms and equipment settings to aide in system usage and performance. If the manual is no longer available please visit www.industrial for an updated copy or contact our support team and one will be provided.

IVAC has an extensive library of demos and instructional videos on our website and various other platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo. This material can be very helpful when first working with our equipment to learn the process of safety walkthroughs, best practices and system optimizations.

IVAC technicians are available for training programmes and project consultation. If you require some training for your crew we can have an experienced team member come to your location and provide personal instruction on how to best use the pumping equipment. IVAC technicians are able to streamline the system configuration to the specific worksite, increasing productivity, as well as informing new operators of the best practices.

If you have any questions about system performance during pumping applications, unit setup or general inquiries please contact us anytime.