A variety of standard and custom hydraulic brake packages from Twiflex are designed to meet the static holding and dynamic (emergency) stopping duty requirements of many types of applications, including elevators, ship loading gantry cranes, escalators, metal mill ladle cover hoists, amusement rides, conveyors, cold steel mills, ski lifts and more.

We began the development of these compact, packaged solutions in response to market interest in the specification and integration of pre-assembled braking systems. OEMs are experiencing continually shrinking time constraints through all phases of product development, from design to manufacturing.

Many of our customers are looking to incorporate reliable braking packages that reduce time in the design and procurement process, as well as streamlining the manufacturing and assembly processes.

As a leader in advanced braking technologies, with extensive experience in a variety of industrial applications, Twiflex engineers are well-positioned to develop a series of standard hydraulic brake packages that could meet the needs of a wide array of uses.

Our four standard brake packages combine world-class Twiflex spring-applied, hydraulically released calliper brakes with a state-of-the-art LCS hydraulic power unit mounted on a custom fabricated base/pedestal. These compact units feature a small footprint, allowing them to fit into applications with limited space available.

The advanced LCS hydraulic power unit provides on/off control of the spring-applied (‘passive’) brakes, with a selectable ‘fast-approach/soft-braking’ function integrated into the circuit as standard. This feature rapidly brings the brakes onto a factory-set touch pressure (pads in contact with the disc face) before the remaining pressure diminishes to zero and the brakes gradually apply.

A wide range of motor and auxiliary connection voltages can be accommodated. A terminal box permits the addition of a motor contactor if preferred. A hand-pump assembly allows manual release of the callipers in the event of complete power loss.

Industry-leading Twiflex calliper brake technologies are the core of these assemblies. Reliable Twiflex brakes are designed and built for long-lasting, trouble-free performance. All brakes feature modular construction for easy maintenance, low pad pressures, and easy setup and adjustment.

Twiflex standard brake packages are available with four different spring-applied, hydraulically released brake models with braking force ratings ranging from 6.8kN to 119kN. These compact configurations are designed to meet the most common range of application requirements. All four packages are shipped complete with a hand pump, terminal box and pressure gauge.

If one of our standard packaged systems don’t quite meet an application requirement, our engineering team can quickly configure a custom brake package solution to meet individual OEM specifications. We can choose from a range of Twiflex spring-applied, hydraulically released brake models that can be incorporated into the design to achieve specific braking requirements.

Certain size dual-brake configurations can be utilized for higher braking torque applications. Standard and custom discs/rotors (with or without hubs), as well as sensors, can be included in application packages as needed.

Complete, ready-to-install brake assemblies from Twiflex provide time-saving convenience to OEMs while ensuring component compatibility and optimized performance.