Modular Mining Systems, the global leader in the delivery of real-time computer-based mine management solutions for surface and underground mining operations, announced today the commercial release of their MM2 High-Precision Global Navigation Satellite System (HP-GNSS) receiver.

The MM2 HP-GNSS receiver is the latest addition to Modular’s High-Precision machine guidance platform, and is used to determine centimeter-accurate location and positioning for their ProVision® Machine Guidance solutions for drills, shovels, loaders, and dozers. The MM2 supersedes Modular’s previous version, the MM1, to provide vastly improved satellite coverage – even in deep or otherwise challenging pits – by gaining access to and utilizing all four GNSS constellations (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo).

Modular product innovation vice-president Michael Lewis said: “Mines that previously had intermittent GPS coverage due to geographic location or pit geometry will benefit from more dependable and accurate positioning.

“Increasing the availability of their mission-critical position-based applications translates directly to a lower cost per ton.”

The receiver, powered by Topcon, a leader in precision measurement technology, will also serve as a critical component for optimizing the performance of Modular’s latest and future innovations, including the ProVision Guided Spotting system, which guides haul truck operators as they reverse for loading at the shovel.

The MM2 High-Precision receiver has undergone extensive field testing in North America, South America, and Australia; in all cases, the MM2 improved satellite availability, approaching 100% even in the most challenging deep pits.