Airtight Solutions has recently partnered with a service provider to facilitate cash rebates to its clients for the purchase of Airtight’s energy-efficient dust control systems.

For Airtight’s clients, this means Airtight is now, under accredited licence, the only dust control company able to offer access to the Government Energy Savings Scheme (ESS).

How it works – The energy savings achieved via an Airtight Solutions system is converted into tonnes of carbon and sold on the ‘carbon emissions trading’ market. The money then comes back directly to the client’s post installation, in the form of a cheque from the ESS.

The entire process is handled by Airtight, with no additional work required from the client besides signing the client engagement form.

Airtight Solutions general manager Stig Brixen explains: “At Airtight we have always strived to provide the best performing dust control systems of highest efficiency and reliability. This licensed accreditation is essentially rubber-stamping our approach to quality dust control done right, while it provides our clients with a cash incentive to use our energy efficiency products. This is a win/win situation for all parties involved.”