Equipco has noticed that there are many vendors joining the petrol pump market place with a lack of knowledge on the safety requirements and standards applicable.

Equipco recommends you make enquiries before you buy as, if it’s cheap, there is likely to be a reason for it. Cheap petrol pumps are likely to be non-compliant with safety standards and possibly dangerous. In the event of an incident you may be liable and insurance companies won’t pay out claims unless they have to.

Above all, remember that transferring petrol either by pumping or pouring is hazardous and requires rigorous safety procedures. A static spark can ignite petrol very easily, especially if the conditions like ambient temperature or humidity are ideal. You can never be too careful when dealing with flammables, never take a risk or short cut.

Many cheap copy products are out there and they do not have approvals for Australia. ATEX and UL alone don’t give you the required Australian approvals.

Fill out the enquiry form to contact Equipco for advice on our SAA approved range of pumps for petrol, which are safe for use in hazardous locations. The pumps are available as handpumps, air-operated, 12 volt or 240-volt models.

If you are installing a diesel pump and a petrol pump together in the same location you may require both pumps to have hazardous approvals and be SAA rated.

To get final sign off approval for this requires a hazardous approved electrical inspector, but guidance can be found from your local government regulator.

Disclaimer : Contact your local fuel supplier, safety officer and government regulator for full advice and safety procedures. What we have produced is by no means a comprehensive review of what is required and is only here as useful information.