Field research shows that geomembranes lose performance due to UV radiation and solar heat. Therefore, the application of topcoats on top of a primary geomembrane barrier has become common practice. It is a known fact that up to 80% of all primary barrier damage occurs during the placement of covers over geomembranes with heavy equipment. This can also be eliminated by a geotextile tubular protection system.

SoilTain Protect is an innovative tubular system interconnected into a singular geosynthetic mattress configuration, which can be filled with on-site material such as sediments, sand and waste. With an easy hydraulic filling, miners can eliminate heavy construction equipment on top of primary geomembranes and improve the liner integrity. They are also able to increase storage space due to the utilization of waste (e.g. tailings, coal, ash) inside the protection tubes.  This also helps to reduce investment costs. In addition, environmental investments are protected securely and efficiently.