At the end of January, one of WLP’s dust suppression guns began operating being used for the demolition of an historical building in the city center of Trento, Italy.

Dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, the building has become a trademark of Trento over the years, but its demolition could not wait any longer.

The demolition company chose a WLP 700 Pack to meet the job requirements, as the dimensions of the building were 45m-long, 14m-wide and 8m-high. Also, the building was situated in the city center at the crossroads of two, main, well-travelled roads, therefore, all possible annoyance of dust and noise had to be avoided during the three-day demolition period, in order to avoid closing the streets.

The WLP 700 Pack has proved to be the right machine to perform the job, having a throw distance of 60m – 70m, being supplied with the automatic rotation from 0° to 340° and with the automatic inclination from -20° to 45°.

This allowed the demolition company to perform the work without an additional operator to control the gun and without running into troubles with the local authorities due to dust emissions.

WLP always strives to satisfy customer requirements and during the last edition of the Ecomondo exhibition in 2014, the Italian company presented a new product range of dust and odour suppression systems called Demolitor, as well as creating two new models, the Demolitor 40 and Demolitor 50.

The two models are user-friendly and functional at a very competitive price that guarantees top-efficiency, which has always characterised WLP machines.

Both Demolitor models are supplied on a mobile trailer and are equipped with manual or electromechanical rotation and the water pump. Due to these characteristics they are particularly suitable for demolition works and for renting.

WLP is committed to improving its product range without renouncing its state-of-the-art technology and high-quality standards.
This is a key reason why all WLP customers are firmly impressed and satisfied with the performances of WLP dust and odour suppression systems.