Developing a policy to manage risks to workplace health and safety associated with alcohol and drug use is an important part of any workplace. It should be well researched, clearly documented and communicated throughout the workforce.

A good Drug & Alcohol Policy will:

  • Demonstrate that the employer is committed to workplace safety, particularly where issues involving drugs and/or alcohol are concerned
  • Include a Drug and Alcohol education program
  • Describe the circumstances under which drug and alcohol testing may be done
  • Describe the processes to be followed should drug and alcohol testing be required
  • Describe how drug and alcohol testing results will be managed
  • Define the obligations and responsibilities of all parties covered by the Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • Offer employees access to an Employee Assistance Program

ToxLogic Pty Ltd, trading as JK ProCare Systems, is a workplace drug and alcohol collection and testing service accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

They have worked closely with many companies over the years to ensure that workplace drug & alcohol (D&A) policies are relevant, factual and comply with relevant standards. It is strongly encouraged that any company looking to implement D&A testing should have a robust D&A policy in place and consider reviewing it prior to commencing any testing.

ToxLogic can review existing policies and assist with updating a site policy to reflect the requirements of the current workplace.  Alternatively, they will work with a company to develop a policy which will fit with the company’s plan for a workplace.

To ensure that there is communication and understanding of the D&A policy within the organisation, ToxLogic develops education programs to introduce employees to a company’s D&A policy or as a refresher about the impact of drug and alcohol usage in the workplace. With a range of presentations on offer, as well as the ability to tailor a presentation to your specific needs, they can present something that is relevant and educational.