Whether you are a holder of an exploration license or a fully operating mine, you need to ensure your project is kept safe and secure from risks which can develop from drones flying close to projects or exploration work.

Drones for industrial use are becoming more and more prevalent – used for good and bad. A report released in February 2024 by Airservices Australia projected that commercial drone flights will have an average increase of 20% per year over the next 20 years – with 60 million flights predicted in 2043. Our systems will work cooperatively and intelligently with your own drones to provide industrial asset protection through surveillance and perimeter monitoring, including identifying, locating and managing unauthorised activity and threats.

Our airspace management system will detect drone threats in your own low altitude airspace, giving you the ability to respond immediately.

How to protect your most critical assets from unauthorised drone attacks

Department 13 is an Australian based drone surveillance company providing technology to protect people and assets from drone threats. These threats include innocent users flying drones not understanding the risks they are causing through to people actively causing hazardous scenarios, be that issue motivated intentions or more serious criminal intentions. Department 13 provides integrated passive radio frequency (RF) detection systems that enable security & operational teams the ability to observe the drones operating near and above their assets, and through our technology provides them with the ability to act on these threats through knowledge and insights into where the drone is being flown from.

Department 13 strategically improves the safety, security, efficiency, and automation opportunities across a diverse range of industries and operating systems.