Continuing our long tradition of developing innovative technology to help our customers enhance safety, improve productivity and reduce cost, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology introduces the Sandvik DR416i rotary blasthole drill.

Bigger, smarter, stronger

Designed to improve efficiency and deliver dependable penetration in the world’s harshest mining conditions, the Sandvik DR416i delivers a single-pass capacity of 21m/69ft, the longest single-pass mast in its class. Constructed for large diameter (406mm/16in) rotary drilling, the Sandvik DR416i is automation-ready, scalable, and supplies the highest rotational torques and pulldown forces at the lowest possible operating cost. It’s also equipped with our patented Compressor Management System (CMS), designed to reduce fuel consumption and improve productivity.

The three key principles that led the innovative design efforts that brought the Sandvik DR416i to life are Safety, Productivity and Value.

Safety – Protection is a priority

The blueprint for the Sandvik DR416i is focused on space, accessibility, visibility and automation to ensure operator safety, including the following features:

  • Easy-access 360° walkways
  • Four egress points
  • Easy access to mast components
  • Non-rust fiberglass reinforced grating

Productivity – Delivering performance with key features

Designed with a mix of durability and innovation, the Sandvik DR416i achieves optimal availability and productivity through features such as:

  • Dual feed speeds for greater drilling control and faster retract
  • Auto-setup, auto mast raise/lower, auto-levelling and auto-drill
  • ‘Live Tower’ design, lower/raise mast with rotary head and pipe at top of mast
  • Travelling centraliser for straighter holes and reduced drill pipe wear

Value – Reducing costs with increased efficiency

The Sandvik DR416i is equipped with several features that improve the efficiency of customers’ operations while also cutting costs:

  • Revolutionary Compressor Management System CMS) – saves up to 30% on fuel consumption
  • Independent cooling cores for quick replacement
  • Increased service intervals increase availability and reduces interaction
  • Advanced troubleshooting via the controls system helps to identify problems before picking up a wrench.

Dave Shellhammer, President, Rotary Drilling Division, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology comments “We continue to enhance our product offering to provide exceptional value to our customers. In developing the latest addition to our iSeries family, we looked at our customers’ greatest challenges in the large-diameter drill space and developed a cost-effective, highly-efficient solution to solve those challenges.”