Digital transformation has become paramount to mining companies across the world with a focus on streamlining digital processes and the adoption of technology. For mining companies and prospectors trading in Western Australia’s mineral market, keeping informed on exploration opportunities is critical for securing future projects.

As the world transitions towards a clean energy future, critical and green minerals are in global demand due to their use in clean energy technologies. With Australia as the third biggest cobalt miner and with the world’s second-biggest reserves, securing project areas is at the forefront of importance to mining companies trading in commodities.

Whether a mining project is large or small, implementing strong monitoring systems coupled with robust database management tools ensure exploration opportunities are not missed, negating traditional means that is time-consuming and relies on multiple platforms to manage project opportunities.

Leveraging digital technology can make all the difference in how a project succeeds by creating a flexible framework for developing long-term sustainability and eliminating the risk of costly human mistakes.

To avoid last-minute decisions and rising costs, Global Tenements utilize in-house developed software to ensure ultimate compliance is kept and opportunities to expand projects are not missed.

GroundSleuth is a single-source Cloud-based technology, which monitors tenure changes and automatically alerts users when there is a detection of tenure when there are opportunities for new ground acquisition. The ground monitoring software is proven to add significant value to projects and is already used by tenement managers managing multiple projects across Western Australia.