Decoda has firmly established itself as a leader in revolutionising the mining industry’s embrace of data analytics and digital technology solutions. Their cutting-edge platform, RockAware™, made waves in the industry, transforming the way mining operations optimise performance, improve safety, and reduce costs.

In a landscape where mine sites face increasing demands for operational safety and sustainability, RockAware™ addresses the significant challenges posed by premature tyre failure, which can lead to budget overruns and safety risks.

Key features of RockAware™:

Preventive Tyre Damage: RockAware™ employs integrated AI software and state-of-the-art LiDAR technology to continuously scan haul routes and identify potential tyre hazards. This proactive approach helps eliminate preventable tyre damage, enhancing the overall life of the tyres.

Real-Time Notifications: The system provides real-time alerts to operators through in-cab screens and voice alerting systems, allowing them to take immediate action to mitigate potential tyre hazards.

Seamless Integration: RockAware™ seamlessly integrates with Fleet Management Systems (FMS), enabling automatic dispatching of clean-up crews to remove identified hazards. This integration streamlines the response to potential issues.

Data Logging and Analysis: All hazard incidents are geotagged and logged in a cloud platform, providing valuable data for teams to review. This data helps teams understand the root causes of tyre failure events, optimise training, and improve incident response initiatives.

Customisation: RockAware™ is highly customisable to meet the specific needs and operating conditions of mine operators. This flexibility allows mine sites to tailor the solution to their unique requirements.

Benefits of RockAware™:

· Reduce truck downtime and productivity losses

· Minimise tyre maintenance costs

· Improve workforce safety

· Reduce premature tyre failure and prolong tyre life

· Enhance environmental sustainability through improved tyre life

· Provide operator coaching and training opportunities

Countless factors impact the success of mining operations, and premature tyre failure is a significant contributor. Repair, maintenance, and replacement of truck tyres often lead to budget overruns and performance deviations from the plan. Moreover, replacing tyres on haul trucks is one of the most dangerous maintenance activities, and it is further compounded by the risk of tyre bursts and explosions, particularly during rock cuts, which can result in a 10x higher risk of fatalities during tyre-related maintenance events.

RockAware™ is a comprehensive solution that prioritises tyre management by proactively identifying and addressing potential hazards. By preventing tyre damage and optimising tyre life, it not only enhances safety but also contributes to cost savings and overall productivity at mining sites.

In just a few years, Decoda has collaborated with numerous mining operations worldwide, spanning various commodities and global regions, consistently pushing the boundaries of transformation in the mining sector.

International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) 2023

You can witness the future of mining productivity in action at this year’s International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) 2023 event at the ICC Sydney, October 31st – November 2nd. Stop by the Decoda booth (E29) to experience live demonstrations of their revolutionary RockAware™ platform, see their keynote interview and presentation, and the public debut of their newest innovative solution, BundAware™.

Key Decoda highlights at IMARC 2023 include:

Keynote Interview with George Spink: Decoda’s Executive General Manager will host a keynote interview titled ‘Decoding Production Forecasting: Know your Risk and Probabilities of Achieving Plan’ on day one of the event.

Presentation by Aaron Watson: Decoda’s Business Development Manager Aaron Watson will take the stage on day one to discuss ‘Maximising Tyre Life: The Role of Real-Time Hazard Detection’ and showcase Decoda’s RockAware™ solution.

Get in touch today with Decoda to discuss RockAware™, or any of their other innovative solutions.