Sleeping well is not only vital to staying healthy, but can have a huge impact on your work life. A good night’s sleep will improve mental and physical health and boost productivity at work. Sleep deprivation can lead to concentration problems that can possibly negatively impact your day-to-day activities.

According to several studies, it comes as no surprise that most of us are not getting enough quality sleep. The underlying causes could be diverse. Whether it’s a partner snoring, noisy neighbours, shiftwork, traffic noise or birds chirping at 4am, this certainly has the potential to keep you up all night and leave you agitated and frustrated.

If you are struggling with this then sleeping earplugs are worth considering. Earplugs can help reduce annoying sounds substantially to help the user get a good sleep.

Pacific Ears specializes in custom moulded earplugs. SleepSound earplugs are made especially for the user’s ear, which ensures a perfect, comfortable fit. This enables the user to wear the earplugs all night. The SleepSound plugs can greatly reduce noise pollution during the night. It doesn’t block out all noise as that is not possible with any hearing protector, not even a custom one and not preferred as you still want to hear important sounds like the alarm clock going off.

Advantages of SleepSounds

  • Custom-made ensuring a perfect fitting earplug
  • Small canal mould
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods while sleeping
  • SleepSounds plugs will reduce noises such as snoring and traffic noise substantially
  • Long life span 4-5 years (more economical than single-use foam plugs)
  • Great value for money

If we can help you with custom SleepSound earplugs to regain your good night’s sleep, please contact us for the best advice or a direct fitting.

Now, there is nothing that stands between you and good night sleep.