We can all agree that hearing protection is essential in loud industry environments.

There are plenty of ready fit options available like regular earmuffs and foam plugs. But there are better options such as custom hearing protection.

Why go custom?

Custom-made hearing protectors have many advantages over regular protection products. Our tailor-made earplugs are canal moulds that are small and discreet and don’t interfere with other PPE. These earplugs are filtered and are not prone to getting sweaty. This makes them comfortable to wear for hours on end even in the harshest environments.

Custom earplugs are comparable to prescription glasses. Having your unique pair, designed especially for your ears makes you want to wear and care for them.
These are some reasons why custom-moulded earplugs have a high acceptance in the workforce. They fit perfectly, have no sound leaks, and they have special filters in a wide range of levels that are also interchangeable.

The pro’s don’t stop there as custom plugs are also very economical, even more so than most other hearing protectors. The life span and the quality of custom-made hearing protectors make them excellent value for money. They are also the more environmentally friendly option compared to universal hearing protection.

Why custom-made?

  • Optimal protection
  • Filter level choice
  • Fits perfectly with other PPE
  • Comfortable to wear
  • High acceptance rate
  • Economical
  • Environmentally friendly

With thousands of audiologists recommending our earplugs, when will you go custom?