SRK is delighted to inform our Québec clients that we now have two French-speaking consultants from our Canadian geoenvironmental business unit based in their province. With combined experience of more than 40 years, geotechnical engineers Michel Noël and Jean-François St-Laurent will provide consulting services on a range of mining issues. Not only will they advise clients face to face on their specialization of mine waste management, but they will also connect clients to SRK experts in all aspects of mining worldwide.

During the downturn, much of SRK’s work focused on helping mines to optimize their operations through increased efficiencies and to maintain environmental compliance. Now, as economic conditions improve, more and more clients are considering expansion and new projects. As an independent organization, we are frequently called upon to advise them on investment opportunities, our autonomy enabling us to provide demonstrably objective valuations, reviews, and recommendations. Drawing from our global pool of 1,400 employees, we field teams that combine world-leading specialists with the local and international experience needed to fulfill our clients’ unique project requirements. Basing Michel and Jean-François in Québec will broaden the services we offer our clients in this region.

Michel is a principal geotechnical engineer with more than 30 years of experience in consulting and research, primarily for mine-related projects. His expertise includes tailings and waste management, acid mine drainage, permafrost engineering, numerical modelling, data processing, programming, and construction supervision. Before moving to Québec, he worked for SRK Vancouver from 2002 until he transferred to the SRK UK office in 2010.

Jean-François is a senior geotechnical engineer with more than ten years in consulting, primarily for base metal mining projects. His expertise includes tailings and waste rock management facility design, inspection, and review; mine closure engineering; geotechnical modeling; permafrost engineering; and construction supervision. He joined the Reno office of SRK US in December 2017 and moved to Québec in March of this year.

Michel and Jean-François are able to move their business practices to Québec in part because SRK promotes entrepreneurialism and a culture of discovery. One of our top objectives for our employees in Canada and throughout the world is to provide opportunities and foster work environments in which they can develop satisfying and challenging careers.