GIW Industries Inc. is already known for its experts and customer-oriented approaches. However, in the Canadian Oil Sands, GIW professionals are taking their commitment to service to a whole new level by adding more resources, offering enhanced on-site tech support, and focusing on a personalized experience for all customers.

GIW’s new Fort McMurray Service Centre General Manager Anthony ‘Tony’ Robins carries out much of this deeper-level service. GIW experts brought Robins in to look after field service and sales in the Oil Sands, and his dynamic experience, positive energy, and passion for slurry pumping are bringing results to the already impressive Fort McMurray team.

“We have the best product in the world,” Robins said.

“Now we’re focused more than ever on understanding customers’ needs and positioning the company as the technology leader in the industry.”

39 years of experience

Robins is no stranger to pumping slurry. His work has taken him from South Africa to Australia and, in 2016, to Canada. In fact, with over 39 years of experience in the mining industry, he’s pumped pretty much every other mineral available, including copper, gold, aluminum, iron ore, zinc, lead — and now Oil Sands.

“Pumping has been in my veins for a long time; I have a big passion for slurry pumping because it is quite complex and you learn something new every day,” he said. “The Oil Sands is the only mining that I hadn’t been involved in, so I wanted to see what Oil Sands slurry was like!”

His experience with a variety of slurry, products, and cultures makes him a priceless asset to the Fort McMurray team. And lucky for his teammates, Robins had his sights set on working at GIW for many years. Through his past experiences, Robins worked with KSB, GIW’s parent company, and was already familiar with GIW Minerals® pumps and products.

“I always wanted to work with GIW because they have a complete business model — they have their own foundry, their own laboratory, their own test facilities, their own machine shop — so they’re completely in control of their own destiny,” he explained.

“It’s one of the very few pump companies in the world that can develop a product from nothing to a complete product on the same tract of land. They can cast it, machine it, assemble it, sell it, and dispatch it all in one place.”

Passion and persistence pay off

So, now that he’s here, exactly what is pumping in the Oil Sands like for Robins?

“If you enjoy your work, enjoy the job you go to, it’s really more of a hobby,” he said.

And it’s clear that he truly enjoys helping meet customers’ needs in this complex industry.

“I like helping customers get their pumps to last, reduce maintenance times, and be competitive in their market,” Robins said.

In fact, he notes that the only drawback to the job may be the weather.

“We get down to -50°C in the winter!” Robins said.

However, he finds plenty of other things to fill his time during the long cold season. Currently, he’s wrapping up his MBA.

“I like to learn something new every year,” Robins said.

This is something he insists is key to making it in the pumping industry – or anywhere.

“Everyone, particularly young people, should continue to learn,” he explained.

“Have a passion for what you want to do: persistence and ambition; the harder and smarter you work, the more results you’ll achieve.”

If you want proof of the legitimacy of his advice, look no further than Fort McMurray. Robins’ dedicated, results-oriented approach is paying off – both for himself and for GIW.

“We’ve been leading very successful operations in the Oil Sands,” he said.

“We contribute around 35% of revenue, so it’s an exceptionally successful part of GIW.”

With Robins and the rest of our customer-focused crew leading the way in Fort McMurray, GIW professionals are looking forward to even greater operational success — and, most importantly, the success of our customers’ operations.