LOESCHE has been able to gain the Vicem (Vietnam Cement Corporation) Hoang Thach Cement Company as a new customer. LOESCHE received an order to supply a type LM 59.3+3 CS vertical roller mill (VRM) for the existing Hoang Thach cement plant in Hai Duong province. With a transmission power of 6,200kW, the vertical roller mill is well suited to grinding clinker and additives in the top power segment and is able to grind 250tph of OPC to a fineness of 3,600 Blaine.

Along with facilities for handling raw material, the scope of supply includes an external reject system, dedusting equipment, a material conveying system and multi-chamber silos with two packaging systems downstream. What’s more, the system, which is expected to go into operation in the coming year, is equipped with a LOMA LF20 heater run on heavy oil, which produces around 30,000Nm³ of hot gas per hour at a temperature of 450°C. In addition, LOESCHE is supplying the required equipment for the power supply and distribution and the grinding plant control.

The challenge of supplying new equipment for an existing plant is being met by LOESCHE with an intelligent concept for dealing with the limited space for setting up and for integration into processing.

This concept, the attractive value for money and its technological competence allowed LOESCHE to win the Hoang Thach Cement contract. This meant that LOESCHE even received preference over the previously well-established northern European supplier.

The new generation of mills, which includes the LM 59.3+3 CS, is particularly sustainable, resource-friendly and energy-efficient with its advanced technology. This matches the Vicem Hoang Thach Cement Corporation’s declared goal of making the key industry of the country’s raw materials sector more environmentally friendly. Hoang Thach has always been a pioneer in the group of companies when it came to achieving the country’s leading position in productivity optimization and reducing resource consumption, which will now continue to be achieved perfectly thanks to LOESCHE technology.

Last year the Vicem Group contributed 26.6 million tonnes to the approximately 84 million tonnes of cement produced nationwide. What’s more, the plant in Hai Duong province is located in a region with extensive limestone deposits.