In the mining sector, adaptive capabilities are at the core of mining innovation, with targeted advancements supporting the industry’s continued success and the ongoing viability of mining sites.

In Australia, the mining sector is relatively mature, with companies becoming increasingly proficient in systematically addressing challenges, reducing costs, minimising risks and improving efficiencies. Such proactive action is, of course, crucial in protecting the industry’s future prosperity.

Accommodating the ever-changing needs of those in the mining sector, battery technology is constantly evolving and advancing. This translates into lower maintenance costs, a reduction in emissions and improved durability (which equates to a lower Total Cost of Ownership).

  • Mining sites are subject to intense conditions, with roads enduring extreme wear during typical operations. Road faults include everything from potholes to mud, all of which can inflict immense stress on mining vehicles. This, respectively, means that the batteries of such machinery are exposed to severe vibrations. Repeated use under such demanding conditions can cause battery connections to loosen or crack, causing serious damage to the battery.

Equipped with durable, robust batteries that deliver superior performance and ultimate cranking power, your heavy-duty vehicles will be built for continued success in harsh mining environments.

  • The installation of a high-quality battery in mining vehicles supports the use of electrical systems and accessories. The cabins of heavy-duty vehicles are equipped with intercom, air-conditioning, safety features and more. Now, mining vehicles will also typically be fitted with technology that transmits data, sharing the vehicle’s location.

All of this draws on the battery and, if you don’t have a powerful solution, your workers will likely be disadvantaged, negatively impacting the effectiveness of your operations.

  • Incorporating hybrid solutions, heavy-duty batteries support both a reduction in fuel consumption, as well as improved operational control over vehicles. This facilitates improved cost-effectiveness, all the while making for safer worksites.

VARTA® is shaping the future of mining energy storage technology, driving innovation and delivering battery solutions you can rely on. If you want to operate at the frontier of the mining sector, you need battery technology that delivers superior performance.

By investing in reliable, durable and precision-engineered mining vehicle batteries, you can enjoy the incomparable results that are inherent of a premium product.

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