Safety is a serious concern for businesses operating in the mining industry, particularly for those in underground mining. While mining today is considerably safer than it has been in previous decades, on-site mining accidents still continue to occur worldwide due to the harsh environment and working conditions. Despite taking safety precautions, accidents are unavoidable. Mining companies are taking steps to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring, and one of the best ways to do this is to upgrade on-site mining vehicles to modern vehicles that are designed for enhanced safety.

Battery powered vehicles are replacing diesel vehicles in a drive toward a safer era of underground mining. These battery-powered vehicles require less energy for ventilation and generate less heat. They also create a working environment free from diesel fine particulate matter, which significantly increase safety on these sites.

Modern mining vehicles are built to enhance safety on-site with:

  • GPS tracking of personnel and machinery
  • Proximity detector systems
  • Protection of personnel through feedback to the company
  • Underground voice communications
  • Collection of machinery data

In order to do this, the vehicles are supplied with built-in electronic devices. These devices can be programmed to report a range of safety concerns, such as an accident, man-down, or someone not wearing a seat belt while the vehicle is in motion. They are also equipped with in-vehicle wireless networks, GPS technology, and Bluetooth features.

The demand for safer, battery powered mining vehicles increases, and Optima provides the power behind these vehicles. Optima batteries use patented SpiralCell™ technology, where spiral-wound cells are used instead of the flat battery plates found in most traditional batteries. They also have more plate surface area, and use high-purity lead, which results in low internal resistance. This low resistance gives more power in a smaller box, the ability to recharge much faster, and higher and cleaner voltage during discharge.

Optima batteries are built to last. The grid material in Optima batteries is more resistant to grid corrosion, and being AGM technology, they are far less likely to sufferplate dry-out and failure. This creates a battery that lasts longer and performs better throughout its life.

This unique design offers many performance advantages in mining vehicles. Get in touch with Optima for more information on how to best power your mining vehicles.