When a new client contacted us because in trouble the classification of sand under 200 micron on his flip flop screens we immediately replied: we can help.

The client was complaining about having too big sand in the under product.

We studied the technical scenario and asked for a sample of the actual screen panels.

We realised that the apertures with had dimensions varying from 0.15mm x 15mm to 0.35mm x 15mm and we also saw sand particles stuck inside the apertures making them wider.

Well, the problem was recognised but how to create a solution?

We put our R&D department on the problem and our Engineers were free to use every available material, to design and produce every aperture shape and dimensions.

Every design were tested through the creation of samples and the result verified.

This made us come to the best product with apertures in the range of 0.15mm x 14.5mm and 0.18mm x 15mm.

We have come to a great result without asking the client for any financial support and we are always ready to do it for every one of our clients.