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Russell Mineral Equipment

Specialist Mining Equipment Design and Manufacture

RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT (RME) is the global leader in the design, manufacture, supply and operation of Mill Relining Technologies and Services.

Global Headquarters,
149 Hursley Rd, Glenvale,
QLD 4350,

RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT (RME) is the global leader in the design, manufacture, supply and operation of Mill Relining Technologies and Services.

RME’s abiding focus for over 33 years has been to visibly, defensibly and sustainably improve customers’ concentrator performance through fast, reliable and safe relines.

With global Service Centres, RME supports our customers’ RME Mill Relining Systems through our team of Customer Support Coordinators and Technicians.

MILL RELINE DIRECTOR is RME’s Mill Relining simulation technology which identifies all possible relining optimisation opportunities.

RME MILL RELINING personnel are experts in relining and in the application of RME Mill Relining System Technologies.

RUSSELL Mill Relining Machines

Available in capacities from 500kg to 8,000kg, RUSSELL Mill Relining Machines hold and precisely place liners exactly into their intended location, increasing replacement safety and efficiency.

Our machines accurately move mill liners, whereas liner suspension handlers support heavy mill liners that are dangerous to manually manoeuvre.

RUSSELL TWIN 7 and RUSSELL TWIN 8 (seven or eight-axis) Mill Relining Machines are also available for large SAG/AG mills, which provides two independent mill relining systems into a single mill. Two machines operating together ensure uninterrupted functionality to provide operational efficiency and reduce reline times by more than 75%.

RME offers a custom-designed mill relining system solution for any mill type and size.

Worn Liner Removal Solutions

The hazardous liner removal process has been revolutionised through our innovative THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammers, T-MAG Moil Axis Guides and O-ZONE Worn Liner Lifting Tools.

THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammers are the safest and fastest method for removing worn mill liners and liner bolts, effectively replacing heavy manual sledgehammers, hydraulic rock breakers, jackhammers and battering rams.

THUNDERBOLT Moil Axis Guides (T-MAGs) are specifically developed for use with all THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammers. T-MAGs use a powerful switched magnet to adhere temporarily to the mill shell, eliminating the need for site personnel to be in the hammer strike zone.

O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools safely and quickly secure dislodged worn liners to the RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine or Mill Liner Handler during ‘Mucking Out’. O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools eliminate the dangerous practice of using crowbars and slings, which often result in crush injuries.

Relining Safety Technologies

RME INSIDEOUT Technology, THUNDERBOLT SKYWAY and RUSSELL Safety Products are the current result of over two years’ of dedicated R&D by RME’s Engineers and Technology Group.

The customer insights gathered from the R&D project have significantly expanded our technologies to provide safer mineral concentrator operations.

The RUSSELL Safety Product range has been introduced to reduce the risk of injury to relining personnel exposed to the hazards inside mills including confined spaces, suspended loads, uneven working surfaces, working at heights, poor communication and visibility and falling objects.

The RUSSELL Safety Product range includes:

  • RUSSELL RESCUE RAISE, an independent rescue jib and stretcher system
  • RUSSELL MILLBRITE, improved in-mill visibility via direct line-of-sight or camera
  • RME EYE, a visibility aid camera and screen system to offer constant visibility of other relining crew personnel in the mill
  • RUSSELL PROXIMITY, a proximity detection system for use during mill relining. Its machine control system integrates with the controller and responds to the sensor alert by slowing or stopping the RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine when a person enters the warning and danger zones
  • RUSSELL Mill Surveillance, a system which provides visibility, without the requirement for mill access. This HD IP camera is positioned high above the RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine on the RUSSELL Safety Portal, providing a 360⁰ view inside the mill
  • RUSSELL SAFE BEAM TRAVERSE, a safe travel aid that ensures personnel safety during the transition between inside and outside the mill
  • RUSSELL CHARGE ACCESS, a range of solutions for personnel to transition from the RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine’s beam to the surface of the mill charge.

Authorised OEM Service

RME’s network of Regional Service Centres enables us to meet our customers’ requirements for cost-effective and time-effective service delivery. RME Customer Support Technicians have access to the latest training and knowledge regarding RME’s world leading technologies to deliver quality service and spares support worldwide.

Mechanised Relining Training

RME’s Mechanised Relining Training complements and works with our two registered training courses, which ensure the effective operation of THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammers and RUSSELL Mill Relining Machines.

The method for increasing safety through RME Mechanised Relining Training, is to provide all Mill Relining crews, including RME crews and non-RME crews, with in-depth and comprehensive understanding of how to safely and competently participate in a mill reline. RME’s Mechanised Relining Training is currently deployed at RME’s Testing and Training Facility at RME’s Australian headquarters and on-site around the world.

This dedication to education empowers customers and their crews and is why RME is a leader in the servicing and operation of grinding mill relining technologies and services.

RME Mill Relining

RME MILL RELINING provides a professional service to mine sites, focused on increasing Mill availability via safe and efficient Mill Relines.

RME MILL RELINING personnel combine depth of relining experience with expertise in the application of RME’s Mill Relining System technologies. A highly skilled mill relining crew requires the coordination of a large range of technicians with various skill sets. RME’s Mill Relining Coordinator provides this organisation, and a centralised portal for communication to site key stakeholders.

RME’s Mill Relining Machine

RME is built on proven performance. We observe operation and maintenance practices, join dots and invent solutions that improve mineral concentrator performance.

Capricorn Copper Mine, Queensland

The Capricorn copper mine (formerly Mt Gordon and Gunpowder mines) is one of largest copper mining projects being undertaken in Australia.

Arcadia Lithium Project, Harare

The Arcadia lithium project located near Harare, Zimbabwe, is considered to be one of the world’s biggest hard rock lithium resources.

Hasbrouck Gold-Silver Project, Nevada

The Hasbrouck Gold-Silver Project is located in the northern portion of Esmeralda County, near the town of Tonopah in Nevada, US. The project is 75% owned by West Kirkland Mining (WKM) and 25% by Clover Nevada, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Waterton Precious Metals Fund II Cayman.

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