In early February, IMA Engineering, together with the Embassy of Finland from Lusaka, visited Mabiza Munali Nickel Mine and RAP-village. The Finnish government has been supporting development projects in Zambia for more than 45 years.

We were hosted by General Manager Matthew Banda, we were introduced to the history of the Munali Nickel Mine project and we took a tour of the plant.

The Munali project is just about to start Nickel production after new feasibility studies, new design and production upgrade.

IMA is taking part in the project and at the commissioning stage in Munali. Mabiza Mine and the Munali project will boost the local economy and it will provide employment opportunities to the community.

We also had the opportunity to visit the RAP-village and a school of 700 pupils built with the generous support of Mabiza Mine and Consolidated Nickel Mines.

Only a few kilometres away, a new clinic will open soon and the Munali project will include tens of fresh water wells in nearby villages.

Mabiza Mine and the Munali project also show how sustainable mining brings social responsibility and more opportunities to local communities.

We were glad to see the sustainable developments undergoing in Zambia and we wish everyone all the best in the future.