Site-Wide Product and Process Development for Mining Operations

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CNP EMAG (EMAG Scientific and Industrial Centre) is a consortium that creates comprehensive, innovative processes and tools, from research through design, onto implementation and maintenance.

CNP EMAG consists of several firms, as detailed below.

Research and development of mining technologies – EMAG

EMAG is a research and development (R&D) organisation engaged in complex development of innovative devices, systems and technologies applied in many areas of economic and social life. The sector performs scientific R&D work power electronics and automation, monitoring systems, applied IT and industrial metrology. EMAG also offers certification and professional opinions on products, laboratory tests and calibration, and training.

Intrinsically safe industrial communications – TELVIS

TELVIS provides communications designed to support the specific needs of mining operations. These include systems for alarm-broadcast dispatch communications, intrinsically safe mobile and industrial use, digital and analogue signal transmissions, intrinsically safe cabling, intrinsically safe box cabling, and underground transport monitoring systems.

Gas detection at mining operations – EMAG SERWIS

EMAG SERWIS offers devices for monitoring safety performance parameters in the extraction industries, mainly mining, such as methane detectors, atmospheric parameter sensors, seismic apparatus, and surveying industry equipment.

Telemetry control and security systems – SEVITEL

SEVITEL produces monitoring and control systems, power systems, power electronics, occupational safety systems, mining security systems, industrial television, structural networks, and cap lamps.

Geophysics and hydraulics automation – CTT EMAG

Solutions in the field of hydraulics, industrial automation, industrial metrology, geophysical and energy systems, technology transfer, and foreign markets are provided through CTT EMAG.

Traffic and positioning systems – SYBET

SYBET creates worker positioning and traffic control systems and mining machines.

Innovative operational solutions for the mining industry

EMAG combines creativity with expertise and many years of experience implementing cutting-edge projects worldwide. The company’s systems and equipment are used everywhere minerals are mined, including in Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Vietnam, Colombia, France, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Unique tool and process development

The EMAG group employs close to 500 people, including scientists, engineers, production workers and service staff, as well as support units. All personnel have many years of experience and the highest level of knowledge and skills.

The main asset and value of CNP EMAG is its solutions, utilising the company’s own engineering ideas, as well as proprietary technologies. EMAG’s solutions are unique and in many cases protected by patents. The company has a modern laboratory, production and service facilities.

Organisation and implementation of industrial processes

EMAG provides comprehensive implementation of industry development and innovation, from the problematic identification phase to testing, prototype design, production, implementation and service.

The customer’s best interest is its priority. EMAG places a high value on delivering its commitments, making every effort to meet client expectation, which is why customers trust EMAG to solve their problems relating to the organisation and implementation of industrial processes.

Advanced safety system for mines

Through accepting the most difficult challenges, EMAG creates the innovative solutions of tomorrow, aiming to be the leading manufacturer of advanced safety systems for the mining industry.


In operations, EMAG is guided by the principles of business, as well as industry ethics and integrity. The company operates according to the principles of sustainable development by combining its efforts towards economic success and care for the natural and social environment.

EMAG is faithful to the traditions of Polish science and technical thought and is proud of its achievements. Wherever possible, the company promotes and supports indigenous technology and the Polish sector of innovation, believing in and promoting cultural values, which are a manifestation of the common good; minimising the impact on the environment, thus contributing to the creation of better living conditions.

San Ramon Gold Mine, Antioquia

Red Eagle Mining’s San Ramon gold mine is an integral part of the Santa Rosa gold project and is located in the Department of Antioquia, northern Colombia.


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