Following the opening of its new subsidiary, Xore now announces the first business to Norway.

“Over the last few years we have noticed an increasing interest from leaching plants and smelter operations. But lately, we have seen them move from being interested in the technology to discuss how to apply it in their plants, and actually talking about investing. And it is one of these clients that now has put an order for a Boxray Compact on-stream analyser,” says Mikael Normark, CEO of Xore.

Boxray Compact is an analyser that can be equipped with sampling systems for slurry or solutions. This client only has liquid samples, no slurries. Highly corrosive samples, like electrolyte or cyanide leaching solutions, is not a problem. Not even in combination with high temperatures.

“Our oldest analyser in this type of application is from 2001, and it is still in operation,” says Normark.

“We have had occasional interest in this business area since then. But, this year we will deliver two analysers to this type of client, the first one is installed in May and the one to Norway will be delivered in the fall. We have interest from different parts of the world right now and we think it is only the beginning of a new trend. Smelters and leaching plants are definitively going for online analysis now.”