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Matt Farmer

Matt is a staff writer covering global energy generation, storage, and resource affairs.

Can investor action speed up compliance with tailings safety standards?

Five years after the world’s worst tailings disaster, we look at the progress of global tailings management standards and how investors are pushing mining companies towards compliance.

Everything you need to know about The Voice to Parliament

Ahead of the referendum, what would a Voice to Parliament mean for the country’s legislature and its mining industry?

Who holds the future? The new issue of MINE, out now

This issue: Enabling automation, normalising “informal mining”, and who will control the future of lithium?

The abandoned mines haunting Indonesia

In Indonesia, legal liability has not stopped illegal, abandoned mines becoming deadly traps that now hold back the country’s future. Matt Farmer investigates.

Rio Tinto apologises for lost radioactive capsule

Authorities are searching 1,400km of road for the capsule from an iron ore density gauge, lost in mid-January.

Macro-economic mining: what will the future hold for Australia?

The near future of mining in Australia will be shaped by powerful macro-economic factors, including possible recession. Matt Farmer explains.

Shell coalition to develop fast-charging electric trucks

Nine companies plan to start production of modular, continuous-use battery in 2025.

What’s in the Inflation Reduction Act for miners?

What are the key features of the US’s ground-breaking bill, and how could it incentive mining energy transition minerals?

Rio Tinto’s big energy project attracts multiple bidders

The company seeks to offset its power consumption with a massive renewable plant.

Mobile vehicles leading cause of miner deaths: ICMM report

The report makes “disturbing reading”, but marks the lowest death rate in 10 years.