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Eye in the sky: airborne electromagnetic surveying in mining

Airborne electromagnetic surveying is a huge growth area as mining companies seek to de-risk prospects before hunting for funding. Elly Earls joins David Beamish of the British Geological Survey to find out how it’s done and about turning the data collected into useful information for investors.

Mountaintop mining: banks pull the plug on an industry in decline

In March, Barclays released a policy document declaring that it will no longer finance mountaintop removal (MTR) coal mining. The decision was quite a diversion from its history within the sector – the bank was the world’s biggest financier of MTR in 2013, according to the 2014 Coal Finance Report Card. But, what sparked the decision and what does it mean for the future of MTR?

Space mining: ownership laws bring prospecting a step closer

At the end of May, the US House of Representatives passed a bill allowing companies to keep resources produced from asteroid mining. While the news has passed without much fanfare in the mainstream media, for a particular group of people it is highly significant.

Seeds of sustainability: reclaiming open-pit mining in Indonesia

In 2011, the Indonesian Government received a former mine site in Southeast Minahasa that had been transformed into 443ha of revegetated land, with an overall aim of creating the country’s newest botanical garden and first-ever carbon absorption project. From an open-pit gold mine to supporting various species of butterflies, the site has undergone a radical transformation.

Liberating trade: Japan-Australia partnership is good news for mining

The Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement has been hailed as a landmark trade liberator, strengthening ties between the economies and increasing two-way trade in minerals.