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Mining growth markets: the world’s hidden mineral treasures

Hidden in untapped corners of the world, there are still vast resources to cater for ever increasing mineral demands. Elisabeth Fischer scans the planet to profile the most exciting yet often dangerous mineral deposits of the world, ranging from rare earth minerals in Afghanistan, copper in Zambia and gold and uranium in Greenland, to the coal of the Ukraine and magnesite in North Korea.

Lockheed Martin’s wireless mining communication system: cutting wires

In mining accidents, quick contact with trapped miners is key, but all too often wired communication systems fail. Elisabeth Fischer talks with Lockheed Martin’s programme manager Warren Gross about the technology behind the first regulatory-approved post-accident wireless communication system.

Explore, discover and analyse: the best mineral testing tools

With the Earth’s remaining mineral deposits becoming scarce and more complex, the right sampling tools are essential. Mining Technology rounds-up some of the mining industry’s most innovative technologies for finding deposits and judging their viability.

Unlocking the desert: Mining in Mongolia

Mongolia is the centre of the greatest resource boom in years, despite its remote and isolated location. Elisabeth Fischer profiles some of the technologies that open up the wilderness, ease exploration and are able to cope with the challenges of mining in the desert.

Safety first: Top mine tech for prevention and response

Mines are filled with danger, but a new generation of safety technology is helping protect the lives of workers. Mining Technology dons its hard-hat to check out some of the best safety measures the industry has to offer.

Big is beautiful: The world’s richest mine projects

Size is important in the mining industry, where economies of scale can improve commercial viability. Mining Technology profiles some of the largest and richest mine projects in the world, from an Indonesian gold titan to the world’s largest man-made excavation in Utah.

Deals this week : Agnico-Eagle, Franco-Nevada, Roxgold and more…

Agnico-Eagle has agreed to acquire all outstanding common shares of Grayd Resource for $275m, or $2.80 a share.