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Callum Tyndall is the editor of Power Technology, Mining Technology, and Offshore Technology.

Callum Tyndall

Are diamonds forever? New issue of MINE Magazine out now

In this issue: the increasing popularity of synthetic diamonds, can satellite imaging stop tailings dam failures, Petra Diamonds’ human rights abuse case, and more.

Peru decides: new issue of MINE Magazine out now

In this issue: challenges ahead for Peru’s mining sector, a $36m copper scam, developing a Brazilian potash market, and more.

The golden parachute: new issue of MINE Australia out now

In this issue: shareholders hold miners to account over ESG issues, on the road with the Tour de Carmichael, Queensland coal in the face of trade war, and more.

Eyes on Greenland: new issue of MINE Magazine out now

In this issue: a Five Eyes alliance for critical minerals, challenges for women in artisanal mining, mining’s impact on human rights, and more.

How is activity in the mining sector recovering from Covid-19’s impact?

Analysis of jobs, deals, stock prices and financial filings and news sentiments now show mining to be a relative winner when it comes to Covid-19 recovery.

Is the mining sector seeing the beginnings of an AI investment boom?

AI deals, jobs and patents have been booming in the last few years. But is the mining sector keeping up?

That’s no mine: new issue of MINE Magazine out now

In this issue: space mining geopolitics, the UN’s push for better tailings management, the bonds between mining and terrorism, and more.

MINE Magazine: Issue 66

In this issue: Mining’s footprint in the Amazon, Mexico’s recovery, underwater robots for flooded deposits, digital risk and cybersecurity, training for automation, reinventing waste, and more

MINE digital magazine: Issue 59

In this issue: France’s President of industry, the South Australian Iron Road, legitimising mica in India, De Beers to go carbon neutral, ICMM talks falling fatalities, the shrinking talent pool, and more