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How to make Australian mines safer through effective process instrumentation

Between 2001 and 2010, the Western Australian mining industry experienced 42 deaths. In the decade that followed, 13 fatalities were recorded.

Leading the way in dynamic bolt technology: Q&A with Normet’s Himanshu Kapadia

Mining Technology spoke with Normet’s senior vice president of Ground Control and Construction Technologies (GCCT) to discuss the latest developments in bolt technology and what the future holds for the mining industry.

The cost of a mine shutdown: Why it pays to invest in quality process instrumentation

Mining Technology spoke with John Leadbetter, managing director at leading mining equipment manufacturer Vega, about the true cost of an unplanned or extended mine shutdown and how they can be avoided.

Wet mix concrete spraying solutions: repairing and reinforcing tunnel infrastructure

Concrete used for mining infrastructure and large buildings may require repair over time. Concrete spraying equipment can be utilised to effectively carry out repair, especially if damage occurs at a height, or apply a sprayed concrete lining (SCL) to reinforce the structure.

Streamlining your mining operation with multi-use equipment

Ensuring you get the most out of your mining operation every day can be a challenge. But in order to keep productivity levels high and day-to-day efficiency at its optimum level, it’s necessary to remain as streamlined as possible.

“An emphasis on safety and productivity”: mechanised scaling solutions in the mining industry

Working to remove loose and potentially dangerous rock material from rock surfaces, scaling plays an essential role in the underground cyclical tunnel excavation process.

$1million an hour: The cost of ineffective level measurement at conveyor belt transfer systems

The importance of efficient level measurement at conveyor belt transfer systems can often be overlooked in a mining operation. That is, of course, until it breaks down. Some companies even predict that a malfunctioning conveyor belt accounts for up to 50% of unscheduled disruptions in production.

Understanding charging and blasting solutions for mines and tunnels

Before the invention of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs), drilling and blasting was the only cost-efficient way of creating long tunnels through harder rock types. Today it is often used in situations in which the use of TBMs wouldn’t make financial sense – as TBMs are often a costly technology – or in which they are unsuitable for ground conditions.

Under pressure: Why pressure measurement sensors are a mines most important device

As one of the most heavily used pieces of equipment in any mining or tunnelling operation, effective pressure measurement sensors for mines are an essential device across the industry.

From improved ergonomics to personnel safety: The evolution of underground concrete transportation

Underground concrete transportation is an essential work phase in all mines and tunnels where wet concrete spraying method is used for ground support. But the process is not without its challenges.