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Are iron ore prices intentionally being driven down? Oi Oi say Aussie bosses

The Australian government has decided not to go ahead with an inquiry into claims that the world’s biggest iron ore miners are intentionally driving down prices to push their rivals out of the game. What is the debate surrounding iron ore price tactics, and should something be done, or are these strategies just a standard part of the process of industry consolidation in the face of a depressed market?

Humble beginnings: Amur Minerals turns spurned data into prized asset

A small Western company has managed the seemingly impossible, working through the Russian licensing system and eventually gaining approval for a detailed exploration and mine production licence on the Kun-Manie nickel copper sulphide deposit. The project, borne from Soviet-era data, will not be without its challenges but Amur is determined to see it through.

Mining in Andalucía – is Spain testing fate?

Against a backdrop of high unemployment and political uncertainty, the regional government of Andalusia has thrown open its arms to the mining industry in order to court investment and jobs. But the recent announcement that operations will return to the Los Frailes site where the country’s ‘worst environmental disaster’ occurred has once again raised tensions.

Renegotiating the minor-major relationship

A new mineral sands joint venture between Rio Tinto and Savannah Resources in Mozambique has been described by Savannah CEO David Archer as “a new approach in the mining industry for collaboration between majors and juniors”. With the major offering the minor the opportunity to up its stake from 10% to 51% proving the project’s potential, could this open up new opportunities for companies to work together?

Colorado mining spill: Gold King owner Todd Hennis speaks out

Todd Hennis has been warning of the risk of a toxic overspill of wastewater in Bonita Peak for more than a decade. What he didn’t know was that it would occur at his Gold King mine in Colorado. He speaks out about what he thinks caused it and why far worse might happen if proper remediation action is not taken.

Leaving lagging safety indicators behind

The International Council on Metals and Mining has published a new good practice guide to preventing and managing serious health and safety incidents in the mining industry. Adam Leach looks at the guide and talks to one of its authors to find out how it was developed and what it is hoped to achieve.

Will South32 head up or down in the long term?

Made up of assets deemed surplus by mining major BHP Billiton, the listing of South32 was initially met with a mediocre response from investors. Having now gained the backing of a number of analysts and institutional funds, the company should be poised to benefit from any upward shift in the market; any optimism that the company’s very existence would contribute to that shift has, however, faded.

Head in the cloud: miners embrace smart software to cut costs

Many mining companies are making the switch to cloud computing, with providers offering solutions across a steadily growing list of applications. As adoption increases, to what extent is the trend influenced by the potential to reduce capital expenditure? SAP’s global lead for mining Ruediger Schroedter tells Abi Millar how a hybrid or cloud-based IT strategy can help a mining company cut costs.

Copper – due for a turnaround?

Analysts are bearish on copper for the near-term but is the red metal due for a turnaround? IHS’s John Mothersole and KPMG’s Maritza Araneda discuss how copper is likely to fare in the near and long-term.

Disputed territory: miners skirting sovereign laws to settle scores

With El Salvador’s sovereignty claimed to be under threat from a foreign mining company pursuing arbitration measures that operate outside its own legal system, concern is growing over the value of Investor-State Dispute Settlement measures. But just how does a company sue a country?