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Kazakhstan mining industry attracting investment, despite risks

The slow recovery of the global mining industry is motivating companies to look for better opportunities and to take new risks.

Stringent environmental regulations could reduce Chinese iron ore imports and steel production

Chinese iron ore imports increased by 7.5% in 2016 to 1.04 billion tonnes, supported by the recovery in the domestic steel sector and a decline in the iron ore production.

Chatree gold mine closure could have significant impact on Thai economy

The Chatree gold mine has been in the limelight for alleged contamination of nearby communities and environment.

Growing energy sector investment set to drive copper demand

Global power transmission and distribution sector (T&D) grew at a CAGR of 13.7% during 2006–2014, due to strong growth from Asia, America and the Middle East and Africa.

Despite the downturn, Western Australia is top destination for mining investment in Australia

Mining has been played a crucial in the economy of Western Australia, supported by the abundant mineral resources, substantial investment and rise in commodity prices.

Consumer Demand in China and India Supports Growth in Global Diamond Jewellery Sector

Global polished diamond consumption is primarily dominated by demand from the diamond jewelry sector, which reached US$79 billion (nominal) in 2015, a decrease of 2.5% over 2014.