BT Wolfgang Binder

Mineral and Sensor-Based Sorting Technology

Brochure: The Redwave Mineral Sorter for Sensor-Based Sorting Solutions

BT Wolfgang Binder

The Redwave mineral sorter has been developed for the sorting and handling of different minerals to improve the quality. Identification and sorting of various minerals, ores and gem stones such as limestone, quartz, talc, gold, nickel, willemite, magnesite, emeralds and diamonds etc.

The material is fed over the entire sorting width by a vibration feeder or an acceleration belt. The material is then scanned and identified by the sensor system single or double sided while in free fall. If the identified minerals meets the set ejection parameters, a signal is sent to the ejection units. Single high speed air jets operated by compressed
air, eject the identified mineral. The number of activated single solenoids depends on the size of the identified part.

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