Quarry & Mining Equipment

Underground and Surface Mining Equipment, Rebuilds and Spare Parts

Quarry & Mining Equipment is a world leader in supplying top-quality remanufactured LHD scooptrams and drilling equipment to the mining industry worldwide. Our aim is to supply a customer service of reliability and satisfaction.

Our 15,000ft² rebuild facility is located on the east coast of Ireland near Navan, Co. Meath and has been in operation since 1985. Throughout this time Quarry & Mining Equipment Ltd. has built a solid reputation for top-quality standards in remanufacturing and customer support.

Underground and surface mining equipment

Quarry & Mining Equipment have supplied underground and surface mining equipment such names as:

  • Angelsey Mining (United Kingdom)
  • Campbell Resources (Panama)
  • Continential Ara Mine (France)
  • Galmoy Mines Ltd. (Ireland)
  • Northgate Exploration (NWT Canada)
  • Tara Mines Ltd. (Ireland)
  • The Lisheen Mine (Ireland)
  • TVX Gold (Greece)
  • Whim Creek Consolidation (Australia)
  • Roadstone Ltd. (Ireland)

Rebuilt LHD scooptrams and drilling equipment

Quarry & Mining Equipment Ltd. is a world leader in supplying top-quality remanufactured LHD scooptrams and drilling equipment to the mining industry worldwide. Our range of scooptrams, drills, personnel carriers and utility vehicles contains machinery from all the world-class manufacturers such as Toro, Sandvik Tamrock, Atlas Copco, Wagner and Normet. Our range includes such machinery as

  • Toro 400D / 500D / 501D / 650D
  • Sandvik Tamrock 606RHA / 205HS / 206 / Cabolt
  • Atlas Copco 3350
  • Normet 6605B

Transmission, differential, converter and driveline component rebuild

QME Component Rebuild, a subsidiary of Quarry & Mining Equipment Ltd. supplies heavy-duty transmissions, differentials, converters and drivelines. Such items include (not all listed here):

  • Clark-Hurth 5400 Series transmission
  • Clark-Hurth 8800 Series transmission
  • Clark-Hurth 28000 Series transmission
  • Clark-Hurth 32000 Series transmission
  • Clark-Hurth MHR33000 Series transmission
  • Clark-Hurth T12000 Series transmission
  • 19-D and 21-D planetary drive axles
  • Clark-Hurth C-5000, C8000, CL8000 Series converter

Quarry & Mining Equipment service and personnel

At Quarry & Mining Equipment Ltd. we give you a quality of service through our experienced and highly motivated team that ensures up to date standards. All aspects of repair and remanufacture are conducted in house by our team of service engineers, which includes coded welders, fitter turners, plant fitters, electricians, instrumentation technicians and support staff.

Each team member has in excess of ten years underground working experience both in Ireland and overseas especially on the North American continent. Not only do we conduct top-quality remanufacturing of all the world-renowned manufacturers, we also provide a service for modifications to this machinery, modification specifications that comply with European CE standards and international ISO standards.

Supply of original spare parts

At Quarry & Mining Equipment Ltd. all spare parts are sourced from the primary manufacturer and therefore conform to the highest standards available to the industry. We are able to supply original spare parts at the keenest prices and deliver to our worldwide customers in a minimum timeframe. We also offer remanufacture of component parts such as

  • Clark-Hurth transmissions
  • Clark-Hurth convertors
  • Clark-Hurth axles

Purchase or hire quarry and mining machinery

Quarry & Mining Equipment Ltd. offers a facility to purchase or hire any of the machinery on our current equipment listings.

Technological future

With the upturn in mineral prices worldwide and the opening of previously inaccessible markets, Quarry & Mining Equipment Ltd. is looking to a bright and vibrant future. We are ever keeping pace with technologic expansions to mining equipment by investing in continuous retraining programmes of our staff. Our customer support programme is in constant review and renewal as the discerning customer would appreciate.

Contract mining projects

The mining division of QME has been developed to undertake contract mining projects in both Ireland and abroad. The current equipment fleet consists of development drilling jumbos, longhole drills, bolting rigs, shotcrete sprayers, emulsion charging units, a variety of scooptrams and haulage trucks, service and utility vehicles.

The mining division employs a team of highly experienced operations managers, underground supervisors, miners, fitters and electricians. Our personnel are currently engaged in a 7,000m development drifting program at New Boliden Tara Mines, Navan, Ireland.

In addition to developing contract mining operations, we undertake service installation and construction projects and production mining programs. The mining division will give due consideration to any and all mining operations proposed by potential clients.

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