Equipment and Vehicles for Mining and Underground Construction

Normet provides demanding solutions for selected customer processes in underground mining and tunnelling. For over 40 years we have developed, manufactured and marketed equipment and vehicles for mining and underground construction.

In addition, we provide a comprehensive range of lifetime care services, including maintenance, service programs, spare parts and training around the equipment and the processes they are used for. With over 7,000 delivered machines, we have became one of the market leaders in our product areas.

Amongst Normet's key missions is to improve the safety of workers underground. As Normet is concentrating on the most challenging and dangerous phases of underground mining and tunnelling, it is important that these work processes can be automated and finished with machines rather than with people.

Our company's head office with Group functions and R&D is in Iisalmi, Finland, and manufacturing is located in both Iisalmi and Santiago de Chile, with a combined space of 26,000m². Our sales, marketing and product offering development are headed in Switzerland, from where we manage our customer interface processes. With global customer satisfaction in mind, we now employ over 450 business professionals in 23 locations worldwide.

Mining and tunnelling products and services

Normet offers the most complete range of products for mining and tunnelling. Our offering consists of solutions for the following underground customer processes:

  • Concrete spraying and transport
  • Explosive charging
  • Lifting and installation
  • Underground logistics
  • Scaling

In addition, full lifetime care services are provided, including documentation, operator and maintenance training, maintenance and repair and service contracts, as well as rebuilding and modernization of vehicles.

Concrete spraying

Normet sprayed concrete systems contribute to the outstanding quality of sprayed concrete structures and maintain a consistently high resale value and low lifetime costs.

The product range varies from mining Spraymecs with 6m practical vertical reach to tunnelling Spraymecs with 15m vertical reach, and from diesel hydraulic to fully electric hydraulic sprayers with a compressor.

Concrete transport, transmixers and agitators

Normet transmixers and agitators come with different sized horizontal or inclined bowls and powerful engines for fast driving speeds. The concrete transport capacity of the transmixers varies from 3m³ to 6m³.

Explosive charging

Normet has designed a complete range of underground explosive chargers, Charmecs, which meet the need of increasingly demanding charging processes.

Normet Charmecs are built to improve safety and productivity in underground blasting, contributing to high quality and cost-effective bulk explosive (from ANFO to emulsion explosives) charging processes.

Lifts and installations for mining and low-profile tunnelling

Utilift scissors lifts are designed for lifting and installations in mining and low-profile tunnelling. Normet’s wide range of Himecs, with a large variety of platform configurations, are ideal for medium to heavy-duty load lifting and work coverage in practically any tunnel profile.

Underground transport vehicles

Normet provides you with a complete range of rubber-tiered underground transport vehicles to fit all your needs. Utimec is a dedicated product range for any underground transport need.

Multimec slide on/slide off cassette system is the ideal solution for mines where a quick change of use is needed.

Normet's modular Variomec concept uses a carrier and interchangeable work modules: a dump kit for rock hauling, a remixer kit for concrete transport and a boom lift kit for man lifting.

For fast and comfortable personnel transport in harsh conditions the ideal solution is the Normet RBO.

Mobile mechanized scaling system

For scaling Normet offers a mobile mechanized system: the Scamec 2000.

Lifetime care

To further develop customer service, Normet has taken a long term approach in its business, by developing a new concept called lifetime care (LTC). LTC is present in Normet's products from the beginning to end, offering a lifetime support for our customers.

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